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Thank you! But our Princess is in another castle!


By chosing any of the links below you will be warped to some of my 

animation work. 


Let's Drive : To The  Zoo
Let's Drive is an animated driving series I'm making on youtube for my son. 
He loves cars so i decided to film me driving around town and then animate "hidden" stuff to pop out and surprise him.
Look for more from this series in the future.


Let's Drive : To The  Airport

In this 2nd episode of the Let's Drive series, let's watch as we drive to the Airport! 


Driving to the airport can be stressful. Especially if your time is cut short due to traffic!! Can we make it there in time? Watch and find out!


Lazoo is a children's drawing app that you can download now form the apple store.


I animated the opening and user interactions based off Lazoo's character designs.


They might be giants
TMBG children's Music video, The Seven Days Of The Week (aka: 'I Never Go To Work')


I helped animate a few scenes in this awesome music video.


The Squatch Scouts
Is a short I created for Nickelodeon.  The Squatch Scouts is about two brothers who create elaborate homemade mouse traps in order to catch the mysterious Sasquatch.


Character designs, backgrounds, and script were done by me. Exit 73 productions did the animation.



Sesame Street: Shapes In Dad's Beard
Okay, so this is a cheat. I didnt animate this, but I STAR in it!!
(I also did the boards, see my Storyboard page)


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